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Springs of Water Necklace

$ 250.00
My "Springs of Water" Necklace has been inspired by an interesting story of the Hopi Indians. I've used a bubbly Jasper Druzy cabochon as the focal piece and placed it in a Sterling Silver basket-weave wrap. At the top spring forth 'Bubbles' of Turquoise beads which stream along to a Sterling Silver neck chain. Please let me share with you the story that inspired this piece: According to Philip Coppens and Frank Waters, the mythology of the Hopi Fourth World, the Hopi people were greeted by Maasaw, the caretaker of the land. To each Hopi clan, he also gave a small water jar, which was magical, and came with instructions, which included a description on how to make a new water jar, in case the old one was broken or needed replacing. The Hopi argue that this water jar is the missing ingredient in how to make sense of the locations chosen by the Ancestral Puebloans to live: the water jar meant that they could settle miles away from rivers, as the water jar allowed them to create springs and rivers wherever they settled. Once they abandoned their dwellings and continued their migration, they took the jar with them, rendering the site once again as dry as a bone. Hence, when archaeologists say the Ancestral Puebloans vacated their settlements because of drought, they might miss out the key element of the story – say the Hopi and their mythology. You can find out more about this story and the Hopi legend here: http://www.philipcoppens.c​om/hopi.html 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Shop with confidence knowing that if you don't love your order you can send it back for a full refund or replacement! See our Customer Service page for the full details. All jewelry items ship gift-ready! Each precious item is lovingly packaged in either a customized fabric pouch and/or in a designer paper envelope. We never put pricetags on our jewelry so you won't have to remove them for gift orders. For your convenience we omit pricing information from the packing slips we include with your orders.

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